Wild Imaginations: My Kind of Music

I do not really care about the lyrics. If it’s exceptional, that is a plus.
Let it be High Life music with very rude and authoritative percussions; snares and bass kicks clearly running in their lanes. Whenever the drums rolls, strike the cymbals hard in readiness for another cycle. Undulate the kicks at regular intervals. Pound the drums in heaviness. 
If you can find a conga, slap it rhythmically.
Let the tempo range between fast and slow; a rhythm that is groovy. Not a flow that will make me  dance – but one that will make me want to. A tempo my feet will only tap to.
Make the lead strings dominate the song; almost interrupting the vocals every now and then. They should vary their pitch and occasionally disappearing and returning with a more inviting feel. Let the strings do the singing, largely.
Distract me with bass guitar hums. I will attempt to trace it throughout the song;  I will find myself wanting midway and it will make me smile.
You can’t impress me without the horns and brass effects. Even if it’s one blast, let it announce the coming of a tense  moment. Music is war, I am a warlord too. Try anything.
I have no idea what you do with the black-and-white keys. Just strike them! Hit one note after another. Treat me to a melody I haven’t heard before.
At the climax of the song, allow the instrumentals to run, unharmed. My heart with pulsate with each instrument. It is at this juncture I would love to hear the xylophone, the flute and the chimes.
Please don’t forget to make the bass drums kick with authority.
Photo credit: Magnom 

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  1. Music is food to the soul and peace to the mind

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