What Sex Did To Us

By Donkor Timothy Selikem 

The notion of wrong and right has given rise to the quest for an unintelligible truth which makes no distinction between the wise and a fool. For many years before men knew how to right or speak, society was structured with rules, laws and structures which governs the hawker on the street to the king s of the castles. Historical truth presented us with the greatest and the weakest civilization of human life, and to our amazement, the thin line which diversifies the weak from the strong is about its prosperity in modelling the lives of its citizens, which the British utters as morality. In the times of Socrates down to the days of Constantine, society faced an evolutionary view of what involves sexual orientation. What then makes something right or wrong!


Homophobia in today’s language qualified as ‘gay and lesbianism’ existed in prehistorical life’s of humanity from the times of Egypt to the graves of Rome. From Plato homosexuality should be eroded from the lives of humanity which Aristotle’s weighs oppositely as a plant of many fruits needed for survival. From the lips of Abrahamic converts , the streets should be stripped naked, of the acts of same sex marriage yet in the heart of human right activist , homophobias are as reputable as any human and a such must enjoy the fruit of sex.
Many school of thoughts, trekked the journey of endless miles to find the pros and cons of same sex acts and many of such school of thoughts leaves to our face explanations ,which in themselves contradicts the beliefs of our times. To the consequentialist, sex should be an act of procreation, for which birth is a product. And for any act of sex which bears forth not the intention of birth is deemed not necessary to humanity and should be eroded from the history of man. Closely viewed in brief, the consequentialist holds a firm belief against same sex marriage, which it sees as a negative act since it bears no fruit of birth. Other wisely held, the constructionist assumes that sexual desires are exclusively leant and since same sex can be classified as a sexual act, it can be learned which makes its practice a legitimate one. Though opinions are to us as noses, the above stated points serve as an inclusive view to the profoundest opinions that run through our minds as we decipher the hidden aim behind this text.

From the inspired scriptures of Christians to the holy books of Islam , sodomy is deemed a bad act , since it is universally believed by the adherents that ,God created man and a woman and only both are allowed to enjoy the fruit of sex and not a man to a man or either a woman to a woman. It looked as true if followed directly from holy scriptures  but wouldn’t this be conversely bad if humanity is to entertain themselves with the fruit of sex and leaves the world in a gloom of a countless population which could culminate to diseases and even lead to food shortage and an end to humanity?. For if considered intelligibly, same sex marriage could be a wake up call to end the increasing population of the world!  Not to cut short the beliefs of our fellow Christians and Muslims , rules are supported by reasons , yet our inspired bible left us with no reason why same sex marriage is not an equally good act as opposite sex marriage.

To the human right activist out there, who reads the works of a young university boy, sees no reason why same sex marriage, shouldn’t be legalized, for I say ye to the activist, for if it could be argued that same sex marriage should be treated as a freedom in all constitutions, then it is rightfully correct for drugs such as cocaine and weed be legalized among men. For if the activist says no to my latter exegesis then he is in himself confuse as to tell us what’s good or wrong.

Same sex marriage is common to the history of humanity, to the door steps of Zephyrus and Hyacinths in Egypt, to the windows of Great Britain, to the rivers of Asia and to the bosoms of great Greece and Italy, sex among men and women were never a story of today for they lived since with humanity till date.  For it is no shame for a man to sleep with his fellow man as we see in the life of the CEO of Apple – Tim Cook , and no shame for  a woman to sleep with a fellow woman as it plays in the lives of Johanna siquroadottir, the former prime minister of Iceland. These few examples though not enormous debunks the view of some psychologist, who sees victims of same sex obsession as a disease of both the mind and of the heart. 

Since Tim Cook, the CEO of the greatest company in history suffers not from any mental jeopardy nor from the doom of brain tumor, then shouldn’t this be a reason why we should legalize it? , since it’s no mental illness, neither does it pose any health implication to humanity.

This writing is no argument but an aphorism, for to every writing comes the writers view about its thesis. I wish no plaque nor do I desire a life of teeth gnashing, but I quote as it is happening ‘the world is worse not because of the woes of drought nor the broken fountains left by hurricane Katrina rather men kiss men and now the evil is us”.  ‘What sex did to us’ is no poem of verses but a rhetoric prose.

University of Ghana, Legon
Twitter: @storyoftimseli
Facebook: Tims Seli Vyne

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  1. The article is cool but I guess the whole homosexuality stuff is more like a choice we make. I believe religion and society must be dynamic. For the sake of peace, why won't they affirm to the proposal of homosexuals?

  2. tim selivyne says:

    Thanks for your comment .. You just said the covered truth

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