The Odds and Evens of Make-Ups

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‘It’s for the occasion! Just a little dub here will do’.
‘Damn! Me, lipstick? I’ll rather remain natural’.

We live in a multicultural society that gives birth to a mix of beliefs, backgrounds, upbringings, interests and dissimilar ways of life. This accounts for people being very choosy and equivocal about their interests and engrossment, hence such comments as above.

Fashion connotes a way of life. Thus one’s taste for a particular trend is solely discretionary.
Do you use make-up? What is your position on improving one’s appearance and looking more attractive with a tinge of paint here or there?

I trampled on this sarcastic quote, ‘There are no ugly women, only lazy ones‘; an intriguing statement evincing that make-ups surely do the trick!
It is needless to say, the art gives the unfortunate group of women, who are worse described as ‘ugly’ the opportunity to better-up, making beauty a characteristic not too hard to find.

Well, just as how an intense smoky, wet shiny eyes, a well-trimmed eyebrow, bright-colored lip can turn heads; it is the same way a fabulously well-tinted smooth face on a billboard will keep you staring till you bump into someone.

Not only are the promoters saying, but is it verily true that make up is supposed to enhance the natural beauty of a woman, ‘so why not use it?’ A lot of people; even men will spend a couple of minutes in front of a mirror to cover up blemishes on their face with some colored stuff.

Of course it will not be pleasing to tune in to a television show to find your favorite host and celebrities pop up from nowhere with oily faces that are displaying clusters of spots, prominences and zits! So the cheerleaders of make-up use are quick to slam the critics to wake up from their slumber!

Lipstick is really magical. It holds more than a waxy bit of color. It holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, both literally and figuratively.

On the other side of this discourse, the negativities of make-up cannot be unfairly ruled out. There are a number of women out there who do not only dislike its use, but also disgusted at the sight of it. To them, having a blade in your eyelashes or a thin film on your lips is as intolerable as a boring comedy show. That fraction of people regularly says, ‘I’m definitely not a make-up person. Wearing it does not equal feeling pretty’. Maybe you have not come across the inner-beauty preachers who criticize the art.

An icing on this cake is that some users take it to the extreme, as if their lives depend on it; or that they are being paid to promote the products! A tall, lanky damsel who has rocked a foundation, plus a blush, plus a cover-up, plus an eye shadow that seem to be insulting her mascara, plus a prominent eye liner and a gloomy-colored lipstick will certainly not be a good sight to behold!

Of what use is the crap of using make-ups when the so-called effect does not provide an everlasting beauty? Isn’t it a white elephant when a smartly-looking lady will greet you aurevoir away from home, but return with an old-wrinkled face with everything wiped and faded? Why bother, when one will have to work tirelessly to keep the facial designs sustained?
‘That cannot add up to the already fired-up frustrations at the workplace, so I rather will go natural’, they will tease.

You want to know one more reason some women will fuel a bulldozer to crush tones of make-up accessories? Because they are as expensive as those who use them!
A finance website, reveals that the average woman spends $15,000 on makeup products in her lifetime. Let’s go no further!

Another school of thought argues that women with makeups are so full of themselves, are overconfident, rude and go ahead of themselves. You will find them fly away from home and wander around in display of her acquired beauty. They go dramatic, gay because of the expressiveness a make-up look gives.

What do you think? Make-up or the natural look?

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