Nobody Ever Said It Will Be Easy

Sometimes, the key to making progress is to recognise how to take that very first cut. Then you make that journey. Because one day you will need to be that person who changed the face of the corner where you are.
You want to give up? You want to sob yourself in dismay? Find out how many dogs the Russians sent to space before man walked in space? Ask about how many times inventors had to go over in disappointment.
Progress is like autopsy – you find out where you went wrong and then give it another try. It looks like opening up a dead being to look into what caused its irreversible death. You don’t make evolutions with what’s lost, rather you take a second look to make a better tomorrow.
Progress is doing it again because you failed in a quest to make something out of nothing.
You can have feelings about your failure because it’s sad, but you can’t make it tear you apart. Because you need to rise up and work again and succeed and walk on the moon.
When you are thirsty, you don’t think about moving your hand to grasp a cup. You just get a drink and the rest follows. Headway isn’t supposed to be such a big deal for great minds. Success is like building blocks – you make one, then another follows. Just take that first step!
Being successful doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections. So hope for the best, and stick with it; day in day out. Even when you get tired, even when you want to walk away, don’t! Because you are a pioneer. But nobody ever said it will be easy.

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