Fight Homosexuals No More | Leave Them To Their Fate

Gays, lesbians and bisexuals have in the recent past become sure-footed, supercilious, attention-seeking, swollen and so much full of themselves. They have had an unbearably high opinion of themselves that they are quick to retort to antagonists and are even quicker to benefit from their share of the freedom of speech – to defend their sexual orientation.

It is therefore a fairly-tossed coin when we, tagged as moral crusaders also free our minds on issues of same-sex in Ghana and Africa at large.

In fact, the thought of a man deriving sexual pleasures from another man of equal  homogeneity still remains extremely puzzling and repugnant. But since the debate on the said topic is the most polarised, it is worth to suggest that we LEAVE THEM TO THEIR FATE, CHASTISING THEM NO MORE.

So far, all attempts to castigate and rebuke the perpetrators and to criticize the act seem to be landing on rocks – hard rocks – hard igneous rocks. Neither are the committers nor their activists ‘feeling bad’ about the whole crap, hence where lies the motivating factor to further criticize?

After all, what happens behind the curtains of a man’s bedroom should not be a challenge for another.

The challenge however is the absence of a clearly defined policy stating the nation’s position on the practice. If the act is not criminalised, who are we to condemn the practitioners, as it appears the use of conscience, traditions, and the generally-accepted way of life is becoming a thing of the past.

Until our law institutions and the government define same-sex marriage as unacceptable, all we can do is stand akimbo and watch men thrust men, as women caress women – such an unpardonable absurdity!

By the way, those die-hard gay activists who are lamenting that sexual preference cannot be subjected to regulations and parliamentary edicts because it is a matter of choice , you should also know that robbery, illegal drug use, murder etc which have been criminalised are also innate, yet are also curtailed by law. So give us a break!

Nevertheless, gay enthusiasists have a point, and I will always buy it. They say that there are a thousand ills in society that have been residing with us from time immemorial, and are more cancerous than homosexuality is. So why pick on them incessantly? Ghana has become a cultured substrate that is breeding high-quality corruption in the midst of an economic rot. Little is said about some persons whose activities are more life-threatening than a man who is in love with another man. Child traffickers, bandits, rapists, paedophiles and other such soul takers rather deserve the smacking.

Additionally, apart from their taste for people of the same gender, one very intriguing feature of homosexuals is that they have the unyielding ability to accommodate criticisms and to defend their state of being with all their will and might. They are as proud as a peacock to openly declare it. They do not care what society thinks of them. So why bother?

So just like tribes and ethic affiliations, colour, educational background, and personal interests it will be just fine if we regard sexual orientation as one of such our differences.

On the day of reckoning, it will be you only against your Maker; followed by me; then a homosexual. So leave them to their fate.

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