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Who Robbed the Market Women? 0

Who Robbed the Market Women?

By Selikem Donkor In historical books, colonialism and slavery were the main and the greatest way by which the African was exploited by the Europeans and the Arabs. At the end of the 20thcentury...

The Odds and Evens of Make-Ups 0

The Odds and Evens of Make-Ups

‘It’s for the occasion! Just a little dub here will do’. ‘Damn! Me, lipstick? I’ll rather remain natural’.We live in a multicultural society that gives birth to a mix of beliefs, backgrounds, upbringings, interests...

Stress, The Silent Killer 0

Stress, The Silent Killer

STRESS Anything that poses challenge to our well-being is stress. CAUSES OF STRESSü  Workü  Major life changesü  Relationship challengesü  Financial constraintsü  Being too busyü  Responsibilitiesü  Education/schoolingü  Unrealistic expectationsü  Inferiority complex SIGNSWe can classify the...