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The Odds and Evens of Make-Ups 0

The Odds and Evens of Make-Ups

‘It’s for the occasion! Just a little dub here will do’. ‘Damn! Me, lipstick? I’ll rather remain natural’.We live in a multicultural society that gives birth to a mix of beliefs, backgrounds, upbringings, interests...

Vaginal Cancer 0

Vaginal Cancer

This is a disease in which malignant (cancerous) cells form in the vagina. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS The commonest sign is painless vaginal bleeding. Others are -abnormal bleeding, between periods, or after sex, or after...

Stress, The Silent Killer 0

Stress, The Silent Killer

STRESS Anything that poses challenge to our well-being is stress. CAUSES OF STRESSü  Workü  Major life changesü  Relationship challengesü  Financial constraintsü  Being too busyü  Responsibilitiesü  Education/schoolingü  Unrealistic expectationsü  Inferiority complex SIGNSWe can classify the...